Flagstaff Security Services provides risk assessment surveys and threat analysis to corporate management.  We also conduct corporate espionage investigations, and internal theft cases, which may involve long-term surveillance and possibly undercover operations. 

For companies that care about integrity and safety of their workplace we offer annual drug testing, random testing and, new employee testing.  We can perform on-site testing and also offer a non-invasive oral swab drug  testing program that your own H.R. or Security Director can conduct.  Let us assist you in designing a workplace drug testing program.  Don't let drug use ruin your business!

When you are away from your residence--our weekly home checks give you peace of mind.  We conduct a thorough inspection of your home looking for water, electrical, snow and ice damage. 

We, at Flagstaff Security Services, want to stress that when you decide to rely on our investigative or protective security solutions you will be confident in our ability to keep your case, or event confidential.  

Regardless of whether you are an individual client or a corporation you can trust Flagstaff Security Services to perform our mission to the best of our ability and to conduct your requests in compliance with local, state and federal laws.  

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